Uli Schauerte, musician

Oh, please don't worry: I am neither a quartet nor a  multiple personality, but a versatile musician anyway  ... I myself have a relatively small oeuvre as a composer, and if this was not the place to present it, then nowhere would be the place. Nevertheless - one, if not THE heart of this website is my virtual orchestra playbacks. Gustav Mahler alone is represented here with a larger number of works than I am. Well, that's no wonder, because I did indeed

record the entirety of his scores for orchestra and solo voice (but, of course, only minus the latter – as symphonic »Karaoke«) using most natural unsur-passed »Vienna Symphonic Library« samples, but since then kept on devoting to orchestrated vocal works of other composers, as the small portrait gallery may suggest...

FAQ about my orchestral accompaniments


1. Where do I find free samples of all orchestral playbacks ? 

The repertoire is sorted by composer. By clicking on one of the photos or blue linked information below you'll find a play button for each playback as an extended score video.


 Alexander von ZEMLINSKY Maeterlinck-Lieder op.13

 Héctor BERLIOZ Les nuits d'été op.13


 Richard WAGNER Wesendonck-Lieder

 Johannes BRAHMS Alt-Rhapsodie


Anton BRUCKNER Locus iste


Antonín DVORÀK  No.7 aus »Zigeunermelodien« op.55


Jules MASSENET Meditation aus »Thaïs«


Heitor Villa-Lobos Bachiana Brasileiras Nr. 5.1  (geplant)


2. How do I proceed to purchase a playback?

Please write me in a mail to uschau@aol.com which title(s) you want to have. I'll respond immediately. Of course your phone call is also welcome. 

3. I would like to know the prices before I contact you. Where can I find them?   

About one minute of music costs 1.00 €.  However, I am willing to discuss discounts and special conditions with you anyway. For an overview make sure to have a look at my recently written price list.   

4. And how do I pay?
Oversea's customers are asked to send the money to my mail address via PayPal. Within Europe both PayPal and transfer to my bank account is possible.  

5. Why are the prices in US dollars slightly above the usual exchange rate?
This way I cushion the fee PayPal charges the recipient as soon as non-European currencies are involved.  

6. How do the playbacks get shipped to me ?
Since these are files with too large volume to be sent as e-mail attachments, I upload them on a server (support@workupload.com) and send you an e-mail with a link enabling you to download the files.  

7. In which file format are the playbacks available ?
For best sound quality, I recommend ordering them as WAV files. However, I can also provide them in compressed form (as MP3) if you prefer.  

8. Is it possible to order various keys (tonalities) ?
Yes, in principle it is, even without problems and usually without surcharge. However, mainly for technical reasons, but also as a musician, I recommend to deviate no more than a minor third up- or downwards form the original key(s).

9. How about copyright?

At present I'm not a member of the GEMA. So, as soon as my membership is confirmed, the following rules might have to be modified...

9a) What is allowed ?
Before I send you the mail providing the download link, you have to signalize in one of your mails, that you will accept a license agreement stating that you are allowed to use any of the purchased tracks for public performances and/or recordings, even commercially, provided that my participation is adequately acknowledged and each track is inseparable from the complete and well audible vocal part,..
9b) What is not allowed ?
...however, it is strictly forbidden to pass any of the files to third parties, as long as they are instrumental and not yet combined with their complete vocal parts. In so far you do not purchase objects changing hands, but just untransferable personal licenses.


10. Is it possible to commission an orchestra playback as a custom-made product ?
In principle it is, and it happens from time to time. I would ask you to consider two issues: there is not the slightest division of labour in my »company«. Everything that is created is done on my own. Therefore, I may have to ask you for patience and for the time I need to carry out your order conscientiously. Please also bear in mind that the price per minute for such a custom-made work is about ten to fifteen times higher than what is already in my stock at the time of your request. Depending on the amount of work required, this is about 7.50 to 10.00 € per minute. Furthermore, I ask for your understanding that I will not grant exclusive licenses for such custom-made products, but that you will accept that all singers who order the respective playback after you will receive it under the same conditions under which I offer "repertoire" and "slow seller"...