Die Dreigroschenoper 


Unlike my orchestral »karaoke« tracks for all of Mahler's works and for numerous composers of mostly romantic symphonic vocal music like Wagner, Strauss, Berlioz and many others, the genre which is represented by Kurt Weill's music might be available as backing tracks and playbacks at different addresses and colleagues of mine. So in this case I'm in doubt if can pretend to be the unique source for this kind of material. It is pretty amazing that with famous genii like Mahler I do have a reason to pretend this. Anyway,  in order to provide some stuff which maybe unique even with Weill, I'm about to work on the Threepenny Opera as a whole and with no exception based on the score both relaesed and used for the world premiere of the Dreigroschenoper in Berlin back in 1928. This is the reason why I've exceptionally included a purely instrumental item like the ouverture. Maybe I'll offer it for no charge to every singer who purchases some more of the songs. So that is why, even this video is not a full length recording, but reduced to excerpts...