Years ago a radio announcer in my neighbourhood (inside Cologne) had at least two good ideas. The first one was to give a chanson evening. As her piano accompanist I could convince myself that she is also a great singer. The second was a gift idea: she wanted to surprise her father with a suitable serenade for his birthday, namely »My heart belongs to daddy«, lyrics and music by Cole Porter (1891-1964). She had arranged things in such a way that among the invited guests was someone (I think her former music teacher) who would be able to do the piano part if it was exactly notated out, not too virtuosic and at the same time in pitch and stylistically her collar width. That's how my arrangement came into being, emphasis on »my«, but I'm not the composer anyway. His name is Cole Porter, he died in 1964 and is therefore not yet in the public domain. I'm less queasy about copyright issues as long as I do not demand any payment for the download of the sheet music as a PDF file as well as for the video to listen to and read along. But of course I would not feel offended by finding a little sth. (maybe 2 € or max. 5 €) on my PayPal account. All you'd need to know to »send a gift« via PayPal is my mail address

My Heart Belongs To Daddy_Cole PORTER_ar
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