arrangements & transcriptions

 Over the years I have been asked for arrangements or transcriptions from time to time. Some of them I did on my own initiative. I've not yet decided how many or which ones I will publish here and/or on Youtube. So my advice is just to stop by here from time to time.
A first example to start with are my notations of three pieces by Thelonious MONK.

MONK recorded them several times as piano solos, often doing various takes of one title. Some of them are available on the market in the form of pretty precise transcriptions, but not all of them.
I'm not the first person to write sheet music for Round Midnight or Ruby My Dear as exact transcriptions, but my preferred versions are not available. At least back in 2007 they were not, so I had to write them myself.
Since I have no rights to music by Thelonious Monk (died 1982), I must not charge any money for my transcriptions offered here as PDF download. 


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